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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

From The UOJ Archives - Posted originally April 29, 2006 - two weeks prior to the New York Magazine article " On The Rabbi's Knee" - hit the newstands.

I did much soul-searching this Shabbos; I love Judaism, I abhor the people that hijacked the "leadership"... and their followers.

For these I cry:

I wonder with amazement at the spineless cowards and worse; like Shmuel Kaminetsky, Yisroel Belsky and Avrohom Chaim Levin - for these I cry!

I look at the likes of Shea Fishman and Torah Umesorah and I want to tear my garments in mourning - for this I cry!

I observe all the pitiful morons at the Agudah, including and especially the Novominsker Rebbe - for this I cry!

I look at the entire vile and meaningless sect called Chassidim - for this I cry!

I look at the tragedy, when the most evil people in the world; the greatest rishaim can open a yeshiva, as easy as it is to open a fast-food joint - for this I cry!

I look at the senile nursing home escapees that are worshipped by idiots - for this I cry!

I look with sadness at a Judaism where (circumcision) ritual takes precedent over potential illness and death - for this I cry!

I look at the publishing arms of the Charedim; the writers (Yisroel Reisman) that contemplate whether Avraham Avinu performed metziza b'peh on himself - for this I cry.

I look at the dais of organizational dinners and I see swindlers and slimeballs - for this I cry!

I look at Lipa Margulies for the gangster and shaigetz that he is, and the horrendous damage he is on the precipice of causing to all of Judaism - for this I cry!

I look at Yudi Kolko and the illness that has infected him and wonder how many hundreds of families he destroyed - for this I cry!

I cry for the tragedy called "Torah-True Judaism," for the lie that it has become, and for the sinister motives of the people that have effectively destroyed it for any intelligent person - for this I cry!

I analyze the statistics; tens of thousands of people that were born in to Orthodox Jewish homes, have left their heritage over the last thirty years - for this I cry.

Thunder and lightning will strike Orthodox Judaism over the next two weeks; the damage will be irreparable, and thousands will leave the fold because of it - for this I cry!

I do cry...and how I cry...for a Judaism that has run amok; I have tears no more!



ADDED JULY 8, 2008 - Every idiot rosh yeshiva thinks they're smarter than the previous shaigetz cover-up con man!

Click to listen - Something out of the Twilight Zone!

 Reader From Chicago:

"Wainhaus from Hillel Torah came to Telz in Chicago via Baltimore. He was “relieved” of his responsibilities after certain “incidents” occurred with Telz boys. The shmuck A.C. Levin passed him on to Hannah Sachs Girls High School because “he’s erlich enough not to touch girls chas v’sholom.” Hannah Sachs “eliminated” the position when they found he was “acting unprofessionally” with the girls. Under Levin’s orders he was sent to Hillel Torah because “it’s messed up modern kids anyway”. Hillel Torah FIRED the bastard for MOLESTING kids.

A.C.Levin knows you can’t back a molester so he’s careful to never say the word MOLEST. This thug is in charge of Torah Umesorah who is supposed to protect kids. Call Jack Rajchenbach and Pinny Lipschutz and demand his resignation".


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