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Thursday, 21 June 2012


Black Friday - November 28, 2008

(AP) NEW YORK – Police were reviewing video from surveillance cameras in an attempt to identify who trampled to death a Wal*Mart worker after a crowd of post-Thanksgiving shoppers burst through the doors at a suburban store and knocked him down.
AIG spent US$440,000 on spa, resort after bailout, lawmakers say

Bloomberg News - Tuesday, October 07, 2008

American International Group Inc. spent US$440,000 on a conference at a California resort less than a week after an US$85-billion government takeover, lawmakers said.

The bill from the St. Regis resort in Monarch Beach included US$23,380 for spa services, according to Representative Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Mr. Waxman led questioning Tuesday of former AIG chief executives Martin Sullivan and Robert Willumstad as Congress probes events that led to federal intervention.

"Average Americans are suffering economically," Mr. Waxman, a California Democrat, said in his opening statement. "Yet less than one week after the taxpayers rescued AIG, company executives could be found wining and dining at one of the most exclusive resorts in the nation."

The St. Regis, located on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean midway between Los Angeles and San Diego, is "devoted to the pursuit of service and elegance," according to its Web site. A "health and wellness" package costs US$600 a night, with a two-night minimum.

The St. Regis expense "seems very inappropriate," Mr. Willumstad told the committee. "I was totally unaware that there was any plan for any conference. Had I been aware of it I would have prevented it from happening."

AIG, once the world's largest insurer, disputed Mr. Waxman's characterization of the conference. Spokesman Nicholas Ashooh said the event had been scheduled a year earlier by AIG's American General life insurance subsidiary as a way to reward independent agents who sell the company's products.
Changing Of The Guard at Agudath Israel Keynote Session
November 24, 2008 - Sheraton Hotel - Stamford, Connecticut

A historic transition is planned for this coming Motzoei Shabbos, at Agudath Israel of America’s 86th national convention. The mantle of the organization’s lay leadership will then pass from one rightly celebrated and accomplished askan to another. It will be passing as well from dear friend to dear friend and from one confidant of Gedolei Yisroel to another.

Rabbi Shmuel Bloom, Agudath Israel’s executive vice president for the past decade – and faithful Agudah worker and executive for many decades prior – will be retiring from that post in January, and Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel will be assuming it.

Shreaton Hotel - Stamford Connecticut
After "trampling to death" the values of Torah Judaism - for the values of a new flat-screen TV at Wal*Mart (because they could) --- After bankrupting the morals of the Torah, everything that is right, and the way the world sees the Jews, The AIG from 42 Broadway - New York --- GO PARTY!...while masses of Orthodox Jews are left without honest leadership, hope, jobs or food.

The House That Sherer Built - never fails to hit a home-run, "behind" home-plate!

For decades --- this pitiful corrupt group of rabbi-gedolim wannabees - have plundered and trashed every Torah and moral value that defines the Jewish nation. Rachmonim, baishonim, people of the Book, highly ethical, people with an innate sense of caring, family oriented --- a God fearing, children loving, and moral people.

They "criminally" prevented and obstructed any and every piece of legislation that came to the floor of the New York State Assembly, to protect all children in religious schools. They cavorted with the Catholic scum-of-the earth hierarchy to protect child-rapists --- because it was not in their interests to provide transparency to the goings-on in any religious school; whether it be child-rape or massive financial fraud.

The cover-up of child-rape in our community is not new. From what I believe - the cover-up began some 45 years ago in Camp Agudah - under an ignorant bunch, rabbis Teitelbaum and Borchardt. These Agudists never stopped for a fresh breath of ethical air since!

If this were not enough --- Just a few months ago, they sent to Postville, Iowa - nicknamed the Rubashkin/OU junket, the executive vice president of Agudath Israel, Rabbi Shmuel Bloom, (along with 24 other criminal whiskered imbeciles) --- the protege of Sherer --- to negate and dispel any of the "rumors" of criminal activity and kashruth violations by Agriprocessors. Of course, this was sanctioned by the rabbis at the top (of the garbage heap)... the Moetzes Gedolei Torah!


So party on guys --- as the victims of kollel fever grows ever larger and creates more hungry children - as more Jews are left impoverished and homeless, and the number of rabbi-child-rapists - continue to crawl out from under Mattisyahu Salomon's rug --- PARTY ON! PARTY ON!

You criminals managed to survive thus far - only because your pathetic lies traveled throughout the Jewish communities by the speed of horse and buggy and camel caravan, 5 -10 miles per hour; the true Torah message of integrity and morality can now be transmitted by the speed of light --- 186,000 miles per second!


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