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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Leib Tropper and his Convert Whore Shannon Orand - Pimped Her Out To His Friends And Used Her as His Mistress!
 Leib Tropper Plying His Trade in Greater San Diego California Vicinity.


2 Hours To Abe Union/RCC in L.A.



I changed only a few words around:

A  man approached her and told her she was attractive. She thought that he was a Tropper, and she was flattered. He told her that he wanted her to be his girlfriend, she recalls wistfully. Within a few weeks, he was prostituting her — even as she continued to study to become a Jew. Shannon didn’t run away partly because of a feeling that there was a romantic bond.


"Rabbi Leib Tropper, who runs a school in Monsey, N.Y., for Jews who lack basic religious education, started Eternal Jewish Family a year ago to train rabbinic courts on proper conversion for non-Jewish spouses. Tropper says hundreds of rabbis have attended the training sessions.

 10,000 (Approximately) People a Year Convert to Judaism - It is a huge business - Just about NONE of them Remain True to Observant Judaism. There are few exceptions!


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