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Sunday, 25 March 2012


Rabbi Fischer has a compelling and believable story; I take him at his word. He claims to have absolutely no ties to Leib Tropper, never did, nor to Tropper's EJF. He also states that the only Conversion to Judaism that he assisted in was for a 70 year old widow.

He gave up a rather substantial income to devote his life to rabbonus; I take him at his word again.

The previous link to his website was over four years old while he was settling into Irvine, and to his dismay was faced with a slew of sham conversions by a popular, and to many, a well-regarded Orthodox New York based organization.

My attacks were not aimed at Rabbi Fischer, but rather at the pandemic of fraudulent Orthodox conversions to Judaism by organizations that have proven themselves to be scam artists in many areas of halacha. Their list of gentiles that they convert, not only remain gentiles, but have disgraced us, the members of the Nation of Israel. That includes the OU, the RCA, and the RCC. I have a list of these so-called converts - one day to be published right here on UOJ. History has taught us that these gentiles, in too many cases, turn out to be the greatest haters of the Jewish nation.

I ask my readers to review the new link above, and direct any and all inquiries you may have on this matter directly to him at:

Rabbi Dov Fischer
Rav, Young Israel of Orange County
5319 University Drive ( # 122 )
Irvine, CA 92612
(949) 551-1515 (Rabbi's Office)


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