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Thursday, 21 March 2013

.......An analogy would be a person who was treated badly as a child and grew up to have little self-respect for themselves. Later in life, they began to eat unhealthy food, smoke cigarettes and drink too much. All around them, people would say, "Why don't you stop smoking? It is so bad for you!" But even though that person agreed...and had successfully quit smoking on previous occasions. The bad habit would later return.

The person has difficulty quitting because that is not the primary issue.

The primary issue is that they learned early on to treat themselves disrespectfully.

Knowing what happened in the past, and what was to blame...will not stop the problem. It is up to the person to observe the dysfunctional behavior and practice thinking in a different way.

And I can see it on a global scale. Where people with good intentions, rightly see a problem and try to fix it. However they cannot, because it is a problem that stems from something more fundamental. Something more primary. All our efforts, our time, our energy and our resources...are being wasted, because we are focused on the secondary issues, destroying stability in our global and local communities, in our families...and within ourselves.

Know thyself!


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