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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Dear Paul,

My son Linus loves to play video games, his favorite food is mac 'n cheese, and he was born with Asperger syndrome.

As a mom, I worry most about the isolation and depression that many children with Asperger syndrome suffer from. I've read that kids with Asperger syndrome are more likely to commit suicide than the population at large.

A month ago, Linus was at risk of losing insurance coverage for the treatment he needs to keep him from becoming isolated and depressed. Our insurance company, United Healthcare, can stop covering this kind of treatment when a child in certain states “completes 9 years” of age.

But then I started a petition on and my health insurance company has now agreed to cover Linus’ treatment even after he turns 9.

United Healthcare did the right thing for my son, but I know that other families might not be so lucky. That’s why I’m asking United Healthcare to set a national standard of covering autism-spectrum related treatment for kids after age 9 and into adulthood.

One big problem is that state laws are inconsistent about who United is required to cover: in Texas, United Healthcare is only required to cover kids up to age 9, but in other states, they are required to cover kids up to age 18 and even into adulthood.

If United Healthcare can extend coverage for my son, they can do it for other children with autism too. Families shouldn’t have to fight with their insurance companies to get coverage for the potentially lifesaving treatment their doctors recommend.

I'm hoping that if enough people speak up for children with Asperger syndrome, United Healthcare will reevaluate their policy and set an example to other top healthcare providers by creating a national standard.

Please sign my petition now and ask your admirers as well to join me in asking United Healthcare to set a national policy covering Asperger syndrome treatment for children after they turn 9 years old and into adulthood.

Thank you so much for your help and all you do for children the world-over.

With admiration and the hope you give to thousands,

Mindy Armbrust

Doylestown, Ohio

The Armbrust Family


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