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Sunday, 19 February 2012


You may consider this as my magnum opus indictment on Bais Din! All Batei Din! - (in the plural)

 Three is a chazaka, and according to the Talmud, one may make assumptions on a particular mazik or predator based on three separate independent incidents of intentional damage. We know the example the Talmud uses for the "ox that gores." He loses his status as a Tam, or accidental/happenstance predator, and becomes a shor ha'Muad on the third goring.  One must assume that an ox that gores three times is a danger to society, and the owner is put on notice that he is fully responsible for all the damages caused by his ox, not merely chatzi nezek, or partial damages.

So if I were to bring a suit against "Bais Din", on behalf of Klal Yisroel, I have my three undisputed cases of intentional harm inflicted on the Nation of Israel, by three independent incidents of intentional abuse of the bais din system, by three independent batei din - recognized  perhaps by many Jews as reputable batei din, but not by me. Truth be shared, I have scores of cases of bais din abuse in my files, accumulated over the years.

The first one is well known; the case of Rabbi Yisroel Belsky, acting on behalf of the bais din he heads, issuing a subpoena or a hazmana to Eli Greenwald, to appear before him and his tribunal; the charges alleged were "defamation of character" or motzei shem ra for attempting to call a parent meeting at Yeshiva Torah Temima regarding the then allegations leveled against Rabbi Yehuda Kolko for child molestation.

One does not have to be a nuclear scientist to come to the conclusion, that Belsky was using bais din, the present day replacement of the Sanhedrin, as a personal tool to scare Greenwald off. Belsky had known for years that Kolko was a danger to children, he was called before the "Scheinberg" bais din decades earlier and heard testimony leveled at Kolko from none other than his good friend Rabbi Shmuel Dishon of Yeshiva Karlin Stolin, who tossed Kolko out of Stolin for these very allegations of child rape.

In addition, the Talmudic adage of "kolo d'lo pasuk", or the stories never cease,...applied to allegations against Kolko for pedophilia since he was a teenager in Camp Agudah, the camping arm of the Agudath Israel of America, that Belsky heads.

To add additional salt to our collective wound, Belsky came to "rescue" Kolko's nephew of Lakewood, who was accused of child rape, claiming loudly that no one could go to the police in Yossi Kolko's case lest they be excommunicated from the Jewish community. The child that was molested and came forward to file a police complaint, was a child of a rabbinic family who would have none of Belsky's supposed halacha, or rulings. The father lost his job at Beth Medrash Govoha, and the innocent victimized child was not permitted to attend any yeshiva in New Jersey. Literally, the rabbinic hangmen posse, rode these innocent souls out of Dodge.

It is clear now to the masses, finally, after pouring my heart out to anyone who would listen, that the plague of child rape, is not only a disease of society at large, but embedded deep into the inner school system of yeshivas and girls'schools, and the clergy leadership of the Jews. Belsky, to me, is the driver of Kolko's getaway car, after Kolko bombed a yeshiva to smithereens and killed hundreds of its innocent kids. What we are dealing here is with dinei n'fashot, one must sacrifice themselves rather than directly be involved, or be an accessory to murder.  Belsky, at the very least, is an accessory to murder of God knows how many innocent children!...And he is the head of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath, with hundreds of vulnerable children under his spell.

The second case is just as glaring in its own right, throwing Yahadus to the dogs, up for bid for either personal sexual pleasure or other reasons that have nothing to do with the meritocracy of becoming a converted Jew; and aiding in the destruction where Leib Tropper left off, converting undeserving gentiles to Judaism for personal benefit. The rabbinic head of Yeshiva University, Rabbi Hershel Schechter,  under the auspices of the RCA, the Rabbinical Council of America, "converted" Ivanka Trump to "Orthodox Judaism", knowing full well that she was living with her boyfriend Jared Kushner during the two year Process, who observes NOTHING! Rabbi Moshe Feinstein's well known psak regarding these conversions, is posted on the UOJ sidebar as well for anyone that cares.

Rabbi Moshe Feinstein states the very marriage of a gentile woman to a non observant Jew, is equivalent to an open declaration that she will not observe the precepts. This is so, because it is highly unlikely that the gentile member of such a union, will be more committed to Judaism than her remiss Jewish husband (certainly when they are living together prior to their marriage). Unlike mental or tacit negations, explains Rav Feinstein, open declarations do invalidate conversions. When such cases appear before a rabbinical court, its members actually become witnesses to an acceptance declaration that is not sincere. Therefore, it is no longer a tacit insincerity, but rather an obvious one. As such, they are forbidden to sanction the conversion. Regardless of what this Jewish court may declare, the conversion is invalid and the person is not deemed a member of the Jewish nation. In Iggros Moshe, Letters of Moshe (Yoreh De’ah, no. 157), he writes that “According to the Law, it is certain that one who converts for the sake of marriage, does not intend to keep the commandments, and is not a proselyte at all.”

I have written much about Trump post-conversion, celebrating Christmas, posing half nude in a Playboy Bunny outfit on the cover of Harpers Bazaar, publicly desecrating the Shabbos, eating non-kosher food publicly and privately with her now husband Jared Kushner. Not only do we not now know Who is a Jew, we don't know anymore What is a Jew, and equally as important, WHAT IS A RABBI?

What do young, vulnerable kids learn from this episode?

JUDAISM IS FOR SALE! And they're right!

Who is the "Birthright"- type teenager suppose to emulate if not Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump?

The damage you've done to Yahadus is beyond your grasp.

The third case I bring forward is documented above. I have abbreviated my letter to Rabbi Avraham Union of the RCC for relevance.

Once and for all time, I intended to put Sholom Tendler out of reach of any rabbinic organization, yeshiva, and his ability to be in daily intimate contact with women, under the guise of being a posek of hilchat nidah. To the folks that do not know what that means, is that Tendler gets the right to talk sex with women, probing their sex lives in all its detail; the origin of their menstrual bleeding, whether it was "dam makeh" or rough sex (loosely translated), or was the spotting on her underwear that he examines,  the continued flow of blood from her period. He gets to do this at his leisure, when he closets himself with vulnerable women at his home or at his office. For the sake of modesty, more details will not be forthcoming in this forum, at least for the present time.

After some probing by Avraham Union the managing head of the RCC, I disclosed a bit of the evidence I intended to produce at bais din. Not only did Union not get back to me once revealed, he did indeed unashamedly cash the checks issued to him.  No hazmana was ever sent to Tendler, and of course no siruv. Avraham Union has been desperately seeking a job out of Los Angeles, thanks to me, no one yet is willing to hire this thieving con-man. Flipping the bird back at ya Union - you little kike!

Sholom Tendler sits today on the RCC board. One wonders about the ability of this group to understand simple right and wrong.

I am now convinced that any criminal can sit on any bais din, and will be protected by their comrades.

The question you need to ask yourselves is --- can bais din ever be trusted in any matter?


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