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Saturday, 14 January 2012


Do any of you really stop and think what this gedolim thing is all about? Does anybody ever stop and think; when did our Mesorah stop? Are the proclamations now rendered by the group of stand-up comics known as the Moetzes Gedolei Torah (they all agree that they are gedolim), part of our Mesorah? Will our great grandchildren consider Pinchos Scheinberg's penetrating psak, Mesorah? Is it part of our Mesorah for hassidic rebbes to permit their followers, nay, encourage and urge their followers to destroy each other in the name of who is the rightful heir to the dynasty, actually a milchemet mitzvah or holy war? Can any human fathom the sanctioned destruction of their souls in the name of Judaism?

Can you believe that THOUSANDS of people are actually waiting for the Lubavitcher Rebbe to dust himself off and get on a white donkey for his announcement that he's Moshiach? Thousands of faxes to his tomb weekly are believed to be read and answered by him? ARE YOU NUTS?

There are NO gedolim, only people. Some people are very wise, some are not so wise, and some are downright evil and ignorant.

Somebody dies and a son takes over the family business, have we hatched a gadol?

Somebody else is a charismatic speaker with some Torah knowledge, have we a gadol?

Is not a gadol suppose to be a giant, a legend, a titan, an icon, a tzaddik, an extremely wise man, a baal machshava, so embedded with truth and Torah, that it becomes inseparable from their being? Torah and truth must be intertwined, inseparable, or there is no Torah! The Torah is truth; if it becomes distorted it is not Torah! These imposters that we have today are just that, phony fraudulent imposters and rabbi-impersonators. Gedolim? How many of you saw a real live gadol? Spent time with a gadol? Learned at the feet of a gadol? How many of you ever saw a human being so developed with their tziddkus that they would rather die than utter a sheker or intentionally hurt another human in any manner, by action or inaction?

How many of you ever saw a human that would actually bawl after hearing the pain of a fellow Jew that was a complete stranger to them? How many? Who among you can actually, really feel pain, unable to eat, lose weight, cry, when you find out another Jewish child was molested by a rebbe who was suppose to teach him Torah? How many? Look at yourselves! You go around with your daily business just wondering where you're going for Pesach and if the tea room will be open 24 hours!

Do you care? DO YOU CARE? Does anyone care?

I have met, learned by, spent considerable time with, and spoken to different generations of giants, I know what a gadol is; there are no more gedolim. What we have today are a pathetic group of ignorant, uneducated, unsophisticated, boorish, selfish, money driven, losers! From the U.S.A. to the "Holy Land" each person that is considered a gadol by the masses, falls into one of these categories, some fall into every category. I despise them; every single one of them for destroying "emunas chachomim", a little bit at a time. When you know the real thing, how can you live with these pitiful morons? When you experienced the awe of great Jews, when you are blessed with the ability to comprehend greatness, you can't accept in any way, what are posing today as rabbis. These people are giants/gedolim of utter destruction!

I am amused with the example that the Agudah sets as "achakolo b'chol yom sheyavo", "we await daily the arrival of Moshiach", while they book Madison Square Garden seven and one half years in advance for their version of "American Idol", called siyum hashas. Some emunah! Of course, they will tell you, that's in the event He does not come. I say BULL-CHOLENT! They have an agenda that does not include your welfare. Remember, Lipa Margulies led the gathering in saying tehillim, can you imagine that? Frankly, I would have rather have had Jimmy Carter lead the crowd with tehillim and the reading of his Jew-hate-filled book. With Carter, at least, there's no ambiguity as to who the enemy is.

Rabosai; we are in a generational war. We will win, no doubt. But it will take energy, participation, and fortitude. The Taliban-like rabbis and their supporters must be defeated. There is no room in our civilized society for "halacha" sanctioned evil. The Internet is as evil as a gun. You can use the Internet to protect yourself and your family with it, by learning, studying, researching, increasing your income, providing parnassah, and you can kill yourself with it, spiritually. Did you ever see a gun on trial? There is a person behind the gun/computer that must be educated and taught responsibile behavior with this great "weapon". You can fend off robbers in the middle of the night with a gun, or you can kill family members, Rachmana l'tzlan. Money can be used for good and evil, do you think these cavemen would consider meeting over a fire on the issue of banning money? Let's ban women while we're banning, women have caused men so much grief, pain, suffering and sin since Adam lost his tail bone:-). Especially now, they're wearing denim, now is the time!

THEY want to make these decisions for you, HA! They're in the Stone-Age. Who are they, the Nickelsburger Rebbe, the Dollarsburger Rebbe, the Drekburger Rebbe,the Carlos-bomber Rebbe, and the gang of terrorists that met on asareh b'Teves? What are their qualifications that they have rights to issue you 60 pages of fatwa manifesto directives on banning the use of the Internet? How do they earn a living? Off public assistance, that's how. This Internet issue is merely symbolic of the fear that they have. Too much information will ruin their business. Their ignorance and their inability to reconcile Torah and science makes them scared silly. You have the ability to access information that frightens them; they DO NOT want you to know anything other than what they tell you. This is not about porn sites, this is about their inability to control your thought process. Their death knell!

If you are convinced that rabbis and rebbes are no more closer to God than you are, they're out of business. If their brachas are worthless, why stand in line until the wee hours of the morning begging them to take your money? The more they take, the better they make you feel. JUST LIKE DRUGS! Do they care about you? Or are you only as good as your last check, or cash under the table to the gabbai-doorkeeper-zookeeper? What a freak show! What circus did they perform at before moving to Boro Park?

To paraphrase the verbiage of the great thinker, scientist/philosopher Carl Sagan; "their posturing, their imagined self-importance, their belief that they are somehow in a position of privilege in the universe, is unfathomable."

And these eternal words of wisdom of Sagan on the psychology of humans;(paraphrase) " the thought that you may have dedicated your life to a lie, that you may have accepted a conventional wisdom that no longer, if ever, corresponds to an external reality, is a very painful realization. A person will go to any lengths to prevent themselves from seeing that inadequate worldview that they dedicated their lives to."

My views and opinions may be the minority view for now in Orthodox Judaism, but since when does the majority view make it the correct view? Did not the majority of Jews in the time of Rabbi Akiva accept Bar-Kochba as the Messiah? Did not the vast majority of Jews in the time of Shabbtai Tzvi accept him as the Saviour of the Jews? Are not the followers of Jesus and Mohammed the majority religions of the world?

Very recently there was a psak from a world renown posek that would have adversely affected all commerce of Orthodox Jews. If not for one concerned Jew, the entire Orthodox world risked losing revenues perhaps in the hundreds of millions of dollars, because of the reckless conduct of this known posek.

Did Moshe Heinemann from Baltimore take the time and effort required to render a psak of this magnitude, that would have shut down all e-commerce sites of Orthodox Jews on Shabbos? Did he do the required verification by industry experts exactly how "virtual" transactions are transacted on weekends? Or did Moshe Heinemann stop off at his local bank and ask the bank teller about Saturday transactions, on his way to China to sign up a toy manufacturer with the Star K, in case an Orthodox child licked a Chinese produced toy? And when he did find out that he was dead wrong, how long did it take him to retract that idiot psak, as Yiddishe gelt was torched on fire?

It took him six very long months; he had to figure out how he was going to look politically and to ascertain that his business does not go up in smoke.

Did he care about your welfare?

Rabosai, have faith in yourselves. Grab yourself by the collar, pull yourself out of the doldrums you find yourself in. You've been duped, but it's not too late. Trust yourself to make appropriate decisions for yourself and your family, the Hats can not, will not, care not, and most certainly, should not!

Did one word of that 60 page fatwa include what to do with sexual predators posing as rebbes in our yeshivas? Is there one word about what to do with guys like Margulies, Belsky, Perlow, Fishman and the rest of these molester-enablers?

The state of our union is better than it was one year ago. We now know what all of these guys are about. Knowledge is extremely important and is power. We don't have the lame excuse anymore that we didn't know. We now know definitely that these are criminals in bed with each other. Are they going to make decisions for our welfare, or theirs?

The state of our union is now up to each and every individual that considers themselves a member of klal Yisroel. There's a huge hole in our "boat", if you don't fix it quickly, you and your children will drown. Fix the hole, or replace the boat for Heaven's sake, or perish!!


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