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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Evanston Jew to UOJ:

I want to say something about the comparison between Tropper and Berlusconi. If Tropper never showed up on the Orthodox stage the entire community would be better off. I personally don't see any redeeming features to Tropper. OTOH he's not a major person, more of a medium size hustler. If he doesn't return to public life the problem is solved...

UOJ to EJ:

Tropper, indeed a hustler, was well on his way to controlling all or most Orthodox conversions in the USA. Imagine if he was a big-time hustler!

The big league hustlers are the rabbis that took any money from this guy, or that showed up at his events. Why, even Shmuel Kaminetzky waited until his partner in Philly, R' Elya Svei passed away (Svei despised Tropper), no sooner was his body cold, did Kaminetzky participate in these EJF orgies and take money from Tropper.

Tropper is Orthodox Judaism today - hustlers with their pants down and hands out!


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