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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Keeping it light post Hurricane Irene - The UOJ Archives December 8, 2007

1-I really thought about showing up at the Agudah convention!

2-It is becoming more apparent to me that Lipa Margulies had the childrens' interest at heart when he decided to make Kolko the assistant principal at Yeshiva Torah Temimah in Brooklyn - New York!

3-Yaakov Applegrad convinced me that he knew nothing about Kolko being accused of raping little boys!

4-I ate matza shmura last night with the hashgocho of Yisroel Belsky!

5-I slept with a picture of Moshe Eisemann under my pillow!

6-I invited Avi Shafran to my pool for a Kool-Aid party!

7-I learned daf yomi with Rabbi Efraim Shapiro this morning!

8- I asked the mohel Yitzchak Fisher to infect me....because so far so good... as far as I can tell!

9-I invited Shalom, Mordecai and Aron Tendler to a sleepover at my house!

10-I believe Matisyahu Salomon - that only one pedophile in the Charedi community slipped through his fingers!

You may add your own list!


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